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Alter Ego Module
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Alter Ego Module
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Rank of Introduction Rank 6
Description Reveals the owner's alter ego Avatar!
Slots 1 Slot
How to Obtain Trade with a secret Networker
Cost to Build 1 Hypnotic Frequency Machine, 10 Orange Bricks, 25 Loose Sparks
Stats Guests can click to reveal the owner's Alter Ego Avatar. This module also grows 5 Fairy Dust per day, plus 1 for every 5 clicks. Limit 20 Fairy Dust per day
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The Alter Ego Module is a Rank 6 Module, which is useful in Rank 8 as it grows Fairy Dust. It is hard to obtain, due to both the cost and the origin of the Module. When clicked, it reveals the owner's alter ego Minifigure, which is automatically generated by MLN. This Module grows five Fairy Dusts per day, plus one for every five clicks, with a limit of twenty Fairy Dust per harvest.

How to Obtain

The Blueprint of this Module can be obtained by clicking on Tommy Marz's Trade Module for twenty-five Hypnotic Frequency Machines.

Required to Build

Alter blue

The Blueprint


  • Instead of usually saying like every other Module, "limit (#) (Items) per harvest", it says "Limit 20 Fairy Dust per day". This is an error on The LEGO Group's part.

See Also

Alter ego

This shows the difference before and after even though it is random for each user

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