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Minimum Rank to Start Rank 0
Item Primarily Used Thornax
How to Start Befriend Raanu
Reward for Completing BIONICLE Skin, Agori Honor Badge Rank 5, and the ability to make and click Bonehunter Trap Modules.
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BIONICLE is a very popular line of LEGO® products, and has been given its own campaign in MLN, known as the "BIONICLE campaign". This is the largest mini-Rank, with the most Networkers, Items, Stickers, Loops, Modules, and Backgrounds. The story of the My LEGO Network BIONICLE Campaign is that of an unnamed Agori hero (presumably the player) who does tasks for Raanu to protect Vulcanus, based on the 2009 Bionicle story (except for Whenua) and, more specifically, the Bionicle book Raid on Vulcanus.

The last of the BIONICLE sets were released in January 2010.


The following BIONICLE-themed Networkers have been released:

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