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Capt Reynolds
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Quote Are your hands steady enough to dock a twenty gigaton space freighter during high trade cycle?
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Capt Reynolds is a LEGO Factory-themed Networker. You can only befriend him if you have the Star Justice Deputy Badge. LEGO Factory has been replaced by DesignByMe, and any users who joined MLN before the launch of DesignByMe could join this mini-Rank. Capt Reynolds' Networker Pic Module says DesignByMe in the corner instead of Factory; it also has a large stamp on it reading "Mission Closed" ( CaptReynolds ).

His MLN description reads:

Captain Reynolds dreamed of space exploration ever since he was a child. He keeps his first telescope, gifted to him on his seventh birthday, by his side during long voyages to distant stars. Reynolds, in addition to being one of Star Justices' best pilots, is also a gifted scientist. His crew often teases him for filling up his quarters with laboratory gear for his many experiments - so that often Reynolds can be seen half sleeping in the ship's corridor.
Capt Reynolds

Capt Reynolds's Networker Pic Module.


You will need a minimum of 105 Space Fuel Cells to complete the mission by obtaining the Star Justice Badge of Honor: one to send to him, three to build the Space Probe, one hundred to get the Stolen Data Crystal, and one more to build the Star Justice Badge of Honor. If you obtain Bob Skull's Coordinates through your own Space Probe Mission Module, it will take 114. You could also retrieve the stolen data crystal through your trade module and you would need 1 to build the badge.

Page Trades

Mail Trades

  • Star Justice Badge of Honor for one Stolen Data Crystal.
  • Space Probe Blueprint for one Space Fuel Cell.
  • LEGO Factory Space Theme Sticker by sending him the "Gimme a Sticker! Please?" message.


  • The LEGO Factory space theme is misspelled on the sticker in your inventory. The sticker is spelled "LEGO Factory Stace Theme".
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