Note: The LEGO Company has removed the Coast Guard Game, so you cannot get the badge anymore.

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Coast Guard Game
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Description Use the rescue helicopter to save swimmers in danger!
Prizes Coast Guard Badges
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The Coast Guard Game is a LEGO CITY game available at In order to befriend Old Capt Joe one must beat Level 1 of the Coast Guard Game. After the last level he sends the Coast Guard Badge, Rank 5 and a helicopter Sticker. However, it is possible to obtain Admiral by only completing the first 10 levels, due to the game's points and Badges system.

The Game


The Admiral Badge

In the game, you act as Old Capt Joe's assistant, and you get to fly a helicopter by moving the mouse. The aim is to rescue the required number of swimmers. (In some levels, there are additional swimmers that, if rescued, will earn the user an in-game badge and extra points per swimmer.)

You do this by releasing the winch (left click) and hovering over the swimmer until they hold on. Raise the winch by clicking again, and they will go inside your helicopter. The helicopter can carry a maximum of 4. Take your helicopter and land back on your base to drop off the people.

You may run out of fuel. So before you do (watch the fuel display) get yourself an extra fuel canister by hovering over it and let the winch grab it. Then click again to fuel it up.

There may also be sub-objectives, such as putting things together. Usually this will help you, as the constructed object can carry extra swimmers. Again, let the winch grab the part and carry it to the main object. Note: You won't be able to let the winch in if you grabbed such an object; you will have to assemble it first. Completing all the sub-objectives gets you more points and an in-game badge for the level.

There are a total of 12 levels in the game. If a user earns the minimal amount of points for the game, the user will earn an MLN Badge every five levels. Note that, if the user manages to earn a sufficient amount of extra points per level, he/she may not need to complete all 12 levels to earn the fifth Badge.

There are a number of strange glitches in this game. Users have reported that their winch "breaks" occasionally. In another case, a second helicopter follows the first helicopter's path while spinning endlessly.

Coast Guard Badges

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