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Crimson Apple Masterpiece
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Rank Rank 1
Description The first masterpiece!
How to Obtain Mail an Apple Pie to Farmer John
Cost to Build 5 Red Bricks, 1 Apple
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The Crimson Apple Masterpiece is the first Masterpiece that users of My LEGO Network create. Players that are Rank 0 can befriend the Networkers Echo, and Farmer John, in order to help build the Crimson Apple Masterpiece and obtain Rank 1.

This is the easiest Masterpiece to build considering Items required, but it requires that the user learn the mechanics of My LEGO Network, such as befriending, mailing, using Blueprints, and more.

How to Obtain

Befriend Farmer John. Then, mail an Apple Pie to him for the Blueprint.

Required to Build

Crimsom mast b

The Blueprint

New Friends

After you build this Masterpiece, you can befriend these four Networkers:

Rank 0
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