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Drone Bee
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Rank of Introduction Rank 1
Additional Rank(s) Rank 10
Description Special Bee used in the construction of the Royal Hive Queen
Use For building the Royal Hive Queen Masterpiece and Alien Egg Module
How to Obtain Win from your Bee Battle Module, Rank 1
Cost to Build 25 Red Bricks
Mailable? No
Blueprint? Yes
XML ID 0000aa3e
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The Drone Bee is a non-mailable Rank 1 Item and a special kind of bee used in the construction of the Royal Hive Queen Masterpiece and the Alien Egg Module in Rank 10.

How to Obtain

The Blueprint can be obtained by winning (as the owner) and harvesting a Bee Battle Module, Rank 1.

Required to Build

Drone bee blue

The Blueprint



  • Assuming you only use items to finish all the Ranks, the Drone Bee is one of the least used items in all of MLN, if not the least used, out of those that are used at all, at two. However, assuming you use items in every possible way, it loses the title to Items like the Honey Pie.

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