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Enchanting Harp Masterpiece
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Rank Rank 7
Description Strum the harp for beautiful music and ultimate mind control
How to Obtain On Sande Starreyed's page for 1 Platinum Album
Cost to Build 1 Mind Control Emitter, 4 Hypnotic Frequency Machines, 10 Platinum Albums, 1 Electric Guitar, 50 Orange Bricks
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The Enchanting Harp Masterpiece is the seventh Masterpiece. Users must befriend Izzy Bop, JP Variety, Rick Moon, Seno Evel, David Lampton, Sandee Starreyed, Tommy Marz and Rita Blisstow to help them in Rank 6 so that they can get the Enchanting Harp Masterpiece.

How to Obtain

The Blueprint can be traded for on Sandee Starreyed's page for one Platinum Album.

Required to Build

Enchanting blue

The Blueprint

New Friends

After you build this Masterpiece, you can befriend these six Networkers:

Crimson Apple | Royal Hive Queen | Giant's Hat | Speedy Motorcycle | Jeweled Triceratops | Craftsman's Cottage | Enchanting Harp | Brickota Totem Pole | Tower of Many Shields | Intergalactic Cruiser