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F Stop Clikzgerald
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Rank Rank 1
Theme My LEGO Network
Quote Hi! Welcome to the galleries I call my homes away from home
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F Stop Clikzgerald is a Rank 1 Networker. Befriending him is not necessary to reach Rank 1, but he does offer a Module that will be useful later on.

His MLN description reads:

F. Stop Clikzgerald is a LEGO Model Curator and Model Collector. He lives in a crowded Gallery loft in Soho where his collection of Models is uncountable. He might not know exactly how many models he has collected, but he does know exactly where to find any of them if you ask to see one. He's known to his friend Echo, as 'F. Stop' because of his photographic memory.

In the past, he has asked users about new LEGO Minifigures products. If the user responded, he sent the user an Arcade Token. His name is a pun on "F. Scott Fitzgerald'.

F stop 1

F. Stop Clikzgerald's Networker Pic Module.

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  • There are typos in a message that he sends when one recieves the Space Probe Mission Module Blueprint. It says, "A couple of collectors of fine art collectors told me you have new [sic] gallery module. I just wanted to drop you a line and say I'm hear [sic] to help if you need any assistance getting your creative photos up on your page. I'm something of an expert in galleries. Drop by my page and befriend me to learn more. Ciao!
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