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Farmer John
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Rank Rank 1
Theme My LEGO Network
Quote ...My friends Henrietta, Bee Keeper Bill, and Flora would be quite interested in this first Masterpiece you make.
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Farmer John is a Rank 1 Networker that is crucial for users to get to Rank 1, by allowing them to get the Crimson Apple Masterpiece Blueprint. Farmer John is the second of the two Networkers users must befriend to get to Rank 1.

His MLN description reads:

Farmer John lives on a Tree Farm north of LEGOLAND in Windsor England. He started out at a young age trading LEGO parts over the web and has a great collection of rare pieces. He favors Trading Games and designing his own models. His motto: The only thing better than Apple Pie is Crimson Apple and that is better than greens and bacon!

Farmer John's Networker Pic Module.

Page Trades

Mail Trades


"Hello there and welcome to my page. You can get started trading with me so you can build the whole Masterpiece Collection before the rest of the blokes on this Network. Building master pieces gets you connected to the highest level of Networker's 'round here. You might be on your way already if I had an apple pie. One more thing, Lad, when you've got some bricks to trade just come back and see me about a LEGO tree."

"Oh, and BTW, My friends Henrietta, Bee Keeper Bill, and Flora would be quite interested in the first MasterPiece you make. Cheers mate!"

Farmer John's Friends


  • Farmer John's farm really does exist. Its location is north of LEGOLAND in Windsor, England.

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