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Gated Garden Module
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Rank of Introduction Rank 4
Description A gated garden with the initials P.O.S. on top.
Slots 1 Slot
How to Obtain Trade You-know-who 10 Phantom Orchids
Cost to Build 10 Phantom Orchids, 10 Purple Bricks, 10 Green Bricks
Stats Guests with the Seal of the P.O.S. can click this Module for a chance to win 1 Orange Brick. Owner will receive 2 Orange Bricks for every click. This Module also grows 10 Orange Bricks per day, 2 at a time, plus 2 for every click. Limit 15 per harvest
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The Gated Garden Module is a one-slot P.O.S. Module that grows Orange LEGO Bricks, plus it does not require the set up fee that the Orange Mixing Truck Module requires. But unlike the Orange Mixing Truck Module, it requires users to have a Seal of the P.O.S. to click it. It grows five Orange LEGO Bricks per day, with a limit of 15 per harvest. The process can be sped up by clicking the module, which will give the owner two Orange LEGO Bricks per click. Clicking will also give a chance to get one Orange LEGO Brick. The Gated Garden Module is the fastest way to grow Orange LEGO Bricks, as it grows them faster than the Orange Mixing Truck Module (the only other way to obtain Orange LEGO bricks).

How to Obtain

Users can obtain the Blueprint of this Module by trading Phantomeme ten Phantom Orchids on his page.

Required to Build


The Blueprint

Possible Glitches

  • Occasionally, the Module owner will not receive two Orange Bricks per click.
  • Occasionally, it will harvest limit 30 Orange Bricks per harvest.
  • Occasionally, it will grow ten Orange Bricks per day.
  • The harvest limit sometimes goes out of the window.

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