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Giant's Hat Masterpiece
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Giant's Hat
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Rank Rank 3
Description To the victor goes the really big hat!
How to Obtain Is obtained from successfully winning on your Millstone Hurling Module
Cost to Build 80 Lumber, 80 Red LEGO Bricks, 40 Blue LEGO Bricks, 1 Giant, 1 Millstone
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The Giant's Hat Masterpiece is the third Masterpiece. Upon its creation, users will advance to Rank 3. Users will get help to build it from Milly P. Enstock, Milmano, Pel Tonne and Don Brickote.

How to Obtain

The Giant's Hat Masterpiece Blueprint is obtained from successfully winning on your Millstone Hurling Module. Another user must use a Millstone to attempt to "battle" against you, if you win you get the Blueprint necessary to build the Giant's Hat Masterpiece.

Required to Build


The Blueprint

New Friends

After you build this Masterpiece, you can befriend these four Networkers:

Rank 2
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