For a near-complete list of Items in MLN, see List of Items.

Some MLN Items

An Item is a virtual object in the world of MLN that assists users in their Ranks. Items have different values, uses, methods to obtain, and properties, but they have no real function by themselves—they simply are used to buy and build other objects like Modules.

One property of an Item is its mailability. An Item is considered mailable if it can be sent through MLN Mail or traded using standard Trade Modules or on the user's side of a Networker Trade Module. An Item is considered non-mailable if these do not apply. Mailable Items have orange borders, while non-mailable Items have grey borders.

Items can be acquired in different ways. Some, such as Red LEGO Bricks, are harvestable from Modules. Others, such as Beta Bugs, are given directly to the user when a module is clicked, or like Gypsum, are sent to the mailbox of a random user on the owner's friend list. Others are built from Blueprints or sent by a Networker by MLN Mail.

Items have backgrounds depending on certain properties:

  • If an Item is from the BIONICLE mini-rank, it has a BIONICLE-style black background
  • It an Item is from The Robot Chronicles mini-rank, it has a light-blue background
  • If an Item is from the LEGO Universe mini-rank, it has a background similar to that of Robot Chronicles Items
  • The Arcade Token is special and has a green background
  • If an Item does not fit into any of these categories and is mailable it has a yellow background
  • If an Item does not fit into any of the above categories it has a grey background
  • Any Item with a yellow border is mailable, regardless of which rank/mini-rank it is from
  • Any Item without a yellow border and with a grey one is non-mailable
  • Any Item with a red border is from Beta and cannot be traded or mailed.

The <item> tag is used in the XML to refer to other fundamental MLN objects, such as Modules and Blueprints. However, this terminology remains restricted to code at the current time.

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