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Jeweled Triceratops Masterpiece
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Rank Rank 5
Description The elusive three-horned beast
How to Obtain Harvest after 500 clicks to Dinosaur Excavation Module
Cost to Build 50 Green Bricks, 50 Purple Bricks, 3 Dino Horns, 30 Dino Scales, 10 Rough Sapphires, 10 Rough Diamonds, 10 Rough Rubies
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The Jeweled Triceratops Masterpiece is the fifth Masterpiece on My LEGO Network. Players will get help to build it from Dr. Killroy, Viper, Shadow, Digger, and Jen Juniper. After building this Masterpiece, the user progresses to Rank 5.

How to Obtain

The Blueprint is obtained by harvesting a Dinosaur Excavation Module after it has received 500 clicks. It takes much longer to acquire Items to make it as compared to the previous Ranks, and is the first Masterpiece to require Items to be randomly sent out by Modules.

Tip: To receive the Items randomly sent to friends by the owner's Modules faster, you may wish to shorten your Friend List and work together as a smaller group by blocking other friends, then unblocking them later on. This should help you get to Rank 5 faster.

Required to Build

New Friends

After building this Masterpiece, users can befriend the following Networkers:


  • The Blueprint is one of the hardest Blueprints to obtain since the user needs to get 500 clicks on their Dinosaur Excavation Module, which is one of the reasons why this is such a hard Rank.
  • The Blueprint for this masterpiece is the only one to put a space between the words 'master' and 'piece'.

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