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Merchobot Module
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Rank of Introduction Rank 3
Description A robot that delivers Tires on demand... seems broken though?
Slots 1 Slots
How to Obtain Trade Scrap Yard Joe a Giant.
Cost to Build 1 Engine, 25 Blue Bricks, 2 Yellow Bricks, 1 Solar Power Cell
Stats Due to Malfunction Merchobot sends out Tires to a random person on the module owner's friendlist. Also grows 1 Tire per day. Limit 1 per harvest.
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The Merchobot Module is a one-slot Rank 3 Module that grows Tires.

How to Obtain

Required to Build

Merchobot b

The Blueprint


This Module grows one Tire per day. It also has the chance of sending three Tires to a random user on your friend list when it is clicked. It is said to be malfunctioning hence the reason why it randomly sends Tires to users. This Module does not grow Tire(s) per click.


  • This Module is the only Item-producing Module that does not grow more Items for clicks.

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