A typical avatar.

Minifigures, sometimes referred to as minifigs or just figs, are toy figures that represent people in LEGO® products. They are represented on My LEGO Network as Stickers, or as the avatars of MLN users.

Minifigures as Avatars

At the beginning of a new MLN-page everyone has the same starter minifigure. Avatars may be modified by using the "Change Avatar" button in the top left section of the Private Page.

There are:

  • 11 different hair styles in 7 colors (Minifigures can also be bald)
  • 24 different hats
  • 21 eyebrows (Minifigures can also have no eyebrows)
  • 50 types of eyes in 4 colors
  • 28 different mouths
  • 16 beards in 5 colors (Minifigures can also remain free of facial hair)
  • 38 outfits
  • 10 leg colors and styles (Generally only the user can see these, except in Alter Ego, BFF and Symbiosis Modules.)
  • 6 skin colors
  • 34 backgrounds

There is a total of about 80 trillion (78,905,933,568,000, or 78 trillion, 905 billion, 933 million, 568 thousand, to be exact) different possibilities for making a minifig without using glitches such as the Invisible Avatar Glitch and Echo's Avatar Glitch.

As minifigs are important for identification purposes, almost all Networkers have one. Very few do not (see Networkers with Images for Avatars.) There are also some who do not have an individual minifig but a starter one as they are unfinished (Jamie and Simon.)


There also are many Stickers of famous minifigures from LEGO sets in MLN. 

There are also some LEGO DUPLO® figures.

Alien Minifig

an example minifig sticker