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Musk of the Bonehunter
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Vorox Musk
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Rank of Introduction BIONICLE
Description The Musk of the Bonehunter is part of the BIONICLE campaign
Use Used to befriend Vorox
How to Obtain Obtained by sending Zesk a Thornax Stew
Cost to Build None
Mailable? No
Blueprint? None
XML ID 000164bc
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The Musk of the Bonehunter is a non-mailable Item from the 2009 BIONICLE Campaign.

How to Obtain

The Item can be obtained by mailing Zesk one Thornax Stew. There is no Blueprint for this Item.


The Musk of the Bonehunter is required to befriend Vorox.


  • This Item was originally called the Musk of the Vorox, but the name was changed shortly after the release of the mini-Rank.
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