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What happened

An edit summary that links to this page via a left-pointing arrow (←) probably was left blank by the user and automatically filled in by the MediaWiki software. In other words, the user probably did not type the summary.

Typing the summary is unimportant when a user creates a new page; leaving the summary area blank, the edit summary in this case is automatically the entered wikitext, up to the maximum length for this summary: ca. 160 characters, plus "Created page with '" at the start and "...'" at the end.

A summary indicative of an inappropriate edit (such as the blanking or replacement of legitimate content) probably is not a deliberate description on the part of the user (who might not even have realized that he/she was removing content).

What to do

If vandalism (or a well-meaning test requiring reversion) is suspected, please examine the edit to determine its nature and respond accordingly. Remember to assume good faith in the absence of evidence to the contrary. Keep in mind that the edit summary was not typed by the user, so it should not be interpreted as such evidence.

The different automatic edit summaries

Action of the userAuto-generated text ($1 being a variable)Page
Removed all contents of page Blanked the page MediaWiki:Autosumm-blank
Removed all contents of page and replaced with new text Replaced content with '$1' MediaWiki:Autosumm-replace
Created a new page Created page with "$1" MediaWiki:Autosumm-new
Created a redirect Redirected page to $1 MediaWiki:Autoredircomment
Reverted a past revision Undid revision $1 by $2 (talk) MediaWiki:Undo-summary
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