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|This is a master-page of every MLNW user's name and MLN name that users have added. If your name isn't on here: My apologies! If you are registered to MLNW, please add your name to the bottom of the table.

If your name is on here already, more than likely I have not specified your friends preference. Also, if your MLN name isn't on your userpage, I've probably put an unknown beside that too. Please fill this/these in yourself. Thanks! --Kjhf

Note: Regarding friend preference, please put a yes (or no) in front, then expand. This way, when users are looking for friends, they can click the sort button and all the 'yes's are grouped together.

Wikia Name My LEGO Network Name Nickname(s) in MLNWiki Happy to Befriend MLNW Users?
18tanzc 18tanzc None. Yes, But leave me a message on my talk page so I don't delete you by accident.
LucasAL lucasAL1000 LAL Yes. Of ANY rank.
Elliwhi elliwhi1008751 Elli, Elliwhi People who I know only :D
4226justinzab Justin4226 None. Yes!!! Please do!
ToaSnicket98 BulkAndTakanuva98 BAT98 (I'm workin' on it.) Please do!
BSJville BSJville Scorpie Yes.
Erty49 erty49 E49,erty Do I know you? No I do not so no.
AndrewTooCool AndrewTooCool ATC Yes.
FB100Z mathman97 FB100Z No
Kjhf Kjhf Kj Yes, but please see me in IRC or write on my talkpage first.
TheLegoBrick LC924 Unknown
Omega Blademan NeoBlademanSeedCross Unknown
Brandbest1 Bran818 BB1 Yes, only if a wiki member
Uiuiuy35 uiuiuy U35 No
Kiriluser qaz5620 Qaz Yes, if you have a good reason for doing so. Otherwise, no.
Mackmoron11 Mackmoron11 MM11 Most of the time, ask on my talk page first.
Nitecrew Nitecrew Not at this time. I am currently need to keep my friend list short to collect items.
JediWinter falcon279 Yes
Killerbreadbug72 Carter8844 KBB72 Unknown
Boidoh Boidoh Boid or B. Yes, I always accept and never reject.
German77 German77 G77 or german Only who have here an account or more than rank 4.
Hawk1777 Hawk1777 Yes
FerrariBricks Challengestradale Unknown
PhilXZ PhilXZ Phil Yes
Bstern Bstern Unknown
00M00 eric565656 See if you can. My friendlist is full.
Troyl Troyl Yes, Troyl's Junk Yard customers and selected people only
Kanohi Zatth Juanes07180 Yes. Anyone that wants a friend and wants to shop at The Newbish Shop. Don't worry, I don't bite! Well, maybe a bit...
theesado theesado Yes
Meteor95 meteor65 Yes
Jaller2 vincedave Yes
Legoboydrew boydrew Yes, if I know the user on MLNWiki. If not, only Rank 5 and above.
Jas765 Jas765 Jas No; only members of MLNO
RedLegoBrick (formally Aleks60) Aleks60 Unknown
lionytai lionytai No. Not very active here
Mtmerrick Mtmerrick MTM Yes, Rank 9 or above, and my friends.
mwarvik3838 mwarvik3838 Some, if I know them
Wallraven Wallraven Yes
LegoManiac97 Keithdsm97 LM97/Keith/Lego It depends...
exedra121 ryo411g Yes
Logan-the-king logan-the-king Yes, Rank three and above
Metagross376 Metagross3760 Meta g. Yes, rank 4 and above,no skull faces or beards, emphasis on RANK 4!
tombomdoodle tombomdoodle Yes, If you want to be,
darkdeathpenalty darthmane My friends list is full, but you may try.
Shadowmaster KaiDevin581 Unknown
Admiral Aeka Admiral_Aeka Unknown
Agentscar Agentsar Unknown
Jawaboy512 Unknown Not until I am rank 10
BazookaTrooper Wills795 Yes
Lihyahm of BS01 gonbe831 Unknown
Mike44456 Mike44456 Unknown
Nui-Jaga B_L_A N-J Unknown
B43enjami7n B43enjami7n Yes, Rank 6 and over
Ajraddatz Ajr38 Yes, Rank 8 and above
GFreeman Resident_Evil_1 Dead_Rising_Wii Yes, my rank is the one & only true, no fakes.
Alexjoburg Alexjoburg Yes, I always accepts never rejects. Looking for help and clicks please. Also will trade.
Samdo994 Samdo994 Samdo Depends on my criteria, I'll check you.
Bugefun Bugefun No, except users my rank or higher.
reybomb reybomb reybomb Yes, rank 7 or higher.
Joeman200 joeman200 joeman No, not @ the time♦
Lego dude laurieduncan Everyone is welcome on my page!!
hilmr hilmr123 Anyone at all!!
Arceusisking123 battle_kid123 NO,I'm trying to get rank 5 items
Ivan247 IvanYiu247 Yes, but only Rank 8 or above.
Skullkeepa14 Heloitsme Skull Yes, Depends on my criteria, If you are a newbie then I would be glad to help you for a certain time..... I f you want to become a permanent friend then you must be rank 7 or above and be a MLNW Member.
Ultra 1337 nobody1234 Yes, only rank 3 and above. But also if they have a good page.
Skipper733 Skipper733 skipper/skip Yes but only if their active within the first week.
Munchman14 Munchman15 Munch Yes
Dserbia dserbia Yes
king-fluffy king-fluffy Depends on my criteria.
LeinardoSmith LeinardoSmith Smith, LS, Leinardo Yes, but only Rank 4 and above. But if they have any ambush module or Badge then No. If they have a page that doesn't look very good then No.
purplerocks56 purplerocks56 Yes, only rank 4 and above. But also if they have a good page.
Legoguy1866 legoguy1866 Yes only Rank 3 and up or on the Wiki.
Sponge321 JParnell194 YES! I am happy to make friends!
PaultheWall1995 PaultheWall1995 Yes! I always want a new friend, preferably someone willing to give clicks!
drogdo9 drogdo9 Drog Yes.
slimons slimons Yes only if you are a customer at user:slimons/slimons superstore
Albertle8763 Albertle8763 yes, only if giving clicks and is over rank 5, or has lots of friends
Sweetnessprime89 treyrock9 YES! for friends please.
DexterGZ DexterGZ Eh, why not? I could always use level help...
Flex217 Flex217 Flex Yes, For Gemz!
vulture5510 voulker Yeah! why not?
russrock7283 russrock7283 always aproved.
FreddyderHamster FreddyderHamster FDH Hm depends.If i know you yes when not we'll see.
BobaFett2 georgeeric999 I would accept friends who are my level or above. Come visit my Store. I will allso accept you as a friend if you buy from my store.
nybbler905 nybbler905 nybbler905 YES, I need tons of clicks (rank 4 dino dig) and willing to trade for rough gems!!!
Hank3887 Hank3887 Hank No,not enough space.Sorry.
verrell123 verrell123 verrell or V123 Any Rank, i need friends with symbiosis module i need grey bricks
Airsoldier Seemefly Air Yes
Flamethrower13 Ronaldo23 Ronaldo Only rank 5+
superduperbug superduperbug superduperbug Yes
Pluto2 echo-zesk Echo and Cutup, E&C Yes
Sheep4444 Sheep4444 Yes
Smilyremhof Smilyremhof Yes
SSgtGriffin sgt_griffin Sarge or SSG Maybe. If I know you from the wiki, then yes.
mln vs clubpages kiddy4683 The kid or mln My friend list is full so no
streetracer213 samstiffman293 Streetracer or James Only if your Rank 3 or above
M7209 M7209 Yeah, Sure.
Clone Commander Fox wallydoodle3 Fox Sure
Teddy_R1 Teddy_R1 Ted or Teddy Yes, If you are my rank or above
Magazine166 Magazine166 Mag or Magazine I'm free, anytime
BaysGuy general_bgw Bays No, not now.
Pawsrent Pawsrent Paws Rank 5 and up.
Legoace342 legoace342 Ace or Legoace YES!!!!
Sol9000 Er665 Dr. Thunder Rank 3 or up: YES! Rank 2: Maybe. Rank 1 or lower: Sadly, I don't have enough Items to Support your rank. Got More then 1 user on Sure, but Make sure your highest rank user is over Rank 2.
ZER0-0 mjw65 ZER0-0, ZER0, or 0-0 If you can edit this page then yes.
Bobo590 Bobo9711 BOB? SUPERBOB! Bob. Joe. FREDDY! SURE!
Kickflip645 Kickflip645 KF645 Only people I really know.
Dog4591 mugsiedoodle mugs Yes!
apple1417 apple1417 Yes,as long as you don't trade without telling me first
Kristof1124 kristof1124 kristof Of course!
jefferyj jefferyj jeff Of course!
Sim533 Sim533 Sim533 Not at this time, I'm sorry.
cligra cligra cligra yes, but ask me on my talk page first to make sure.
rainwind- Rainwind- Rainwind- Willing to help? Yes? Let's be friends!
rainwind- Espencole Espencole Welcome to the party!
legobatmankid10 legobatmankid10 LBK, LBK10. Yes, if I like your avatar, or if I know you.
Pacos99 pacos099 Yes, I will be glad to!
Greeny1 Clon-Vader Agent Alpha Yes
Fuzzybunny911 fuzzybunny911 fb911, fuzz, mac Yes, if you are rank 5 or higher.
Swfan V8fan12 V8fan Yes
Razgriz Ghost F-14D-SuperTomcat F-14D Yes, no rejections or exceptions! Also, I will sometimes temporarily block users so my BFFs can get items more easily.
LegoStefan24 LegoStefan24 Stefan or LS24 I accept most friend requests, just let me know on my talk page first.
Codyn329 Codyn329 Cody, Codyn Yes, of course! Though right now, my friend list is unfortunately full.
Hugh-Z Hugh-Z Hugh, Hughes Sure but ask on my talk page because I generally don't look at unapproved.
legoboyvdlp legoboyvdlp LBvdlp, Legoboy, Yes, Rank 2+! Especially Rank 4s or 5s.
asathegreat7 asathegreat7 Asa yes rank 2+!
Poohbear71102 chris3433 none Yes if my list is not full