Below are a list of Policies for the My LEGO Network Wiki. These policies are to make the My LEGO Network Wiki safer, whilst retaining its original and fun edit experiences.

1) Please follow the global Wikia Policies.

2) Secret codes are prohibited. My LEGO Network sometimes features special codes which allows the receiver to unlock certain prizes, such as badges or modules. These codes are intended only for the audience they are given to, and not for the general public. If you have revealed one of these codes in violation of My Lego Network Wiki:Secret Codes, expect to be banned immediately.

3) Keep the wiki professional. While editing is fun and exciting, do keep in mind that this wiki is viewed by a broad audience. Therefore, it's best to keep the wiki professional, so that the readers can enjoy concise and accurate material.

4) Stay at a G rating. Inappropriate language and other explicit content are strictly forbidden.

5) Be nice. Stay calm. Don't harass other users.

6) Have fun!

Please note that this page is an overview. A more in depth policy page can be found at My Lego Network Wiki:Block.

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