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The Networker logo.

A Networker is an automated "member" on My LEGO Network that assists users in obtaining Ranks, Items, Badges, Stickers and/or Loops. The LEGO Group usually capitalizes the term "Networker" in tutorials, lists, and the like. Although users are not able to mail or trade non-mailable items, many Networkers are able to.

Many new members, having only met Networkers, begin to believe that they are Networkers themselves and that the term "Networker" refers to any user on MLN. Although several sentences said by Networkers in different areas of MLN to make this seem true, this is, of course, not true.

Public Pages with the Networker logo are Networkers, and those without the logo are users.

Below is a list of all the known, publicly viewable Networkers in My LEGO Network. Networkers that aren't known, and can only been found by typing their name in the Public Search box or using one's own friend list, are Secret Networkers.

Rank 0 Networkers

Rank 0 is the Apple Rank.

Name Theme
Echo My LEGO Network
Farmer John My LEGO Network

Rank 1 Networkers

Rank 1 is the gardening and bee-keeping rank.

Name Theme
Flora My LEGO Network
Bee Keeper Bill My LEGO Network
Henrietta My LEGO Network
Bartlebee My LEGO Network

Rank 2 Networkers

Rank 2 is the fantasy Rank.

Name Theme
Don Brickote My LEGO Network
Milly P Enstock My LEGO Network
Milmano My LEGO Network
Pel Tonne My LEGO Network

Rank 3 Networkers

Rank 3 is the racing Rank.

Name Theme
Radia Alpha Team
Pedalman Wheelie My LEGO Network
MacRacer My LEGO Network
Scrap Yard Joe My LEGO Network

Rank 4 Networkers

Rank 4 is the dinosaur Rank.

Name Theme
Dr. Killroy Orient Expedition
Jen Juniper My LEGO Network
Digger Dino Attack (Dino 2010)
Viper Dino Attack (Dino 2010)
Shadow Dino Attack (Dino 2010)

Rank 5 Networkers

Rank 5 is the construction Rank.

Name Theme
Bur O Crat My LEGO Network
Ron Roofer My LEGO Network
Connie Crete My LEGO Network
Dip Gimlet My LEGO Network
El Ectric My LEGO Network

Rank 6 Networkers

Rank 6 is the music, secrets and secret agents Rank.

Name Theme
David Lampton MLN (Default theme)
Izzy Bop MLN (Default theme)
JP Variety MLN (Default theme)
Patrick Fate MLN (Default theme)
Rick Moon MLN (Default theme)
Rita Blisstow MLN (Default theme}
Sandee Starreyed MLN (Default theme)
Seno Evel MLN (Default theme)
Tommy Marz MLN (Default theme)

Rank 7 Networkers

Rank 7 is the tribal Rank.

Name Theme
Achaki MLN (Default theme)
Dolill MLN (Default theme)
Hehewuti MLN (Default theme)
Hokee MLN (Default theme)
Kotori MLN (Default theme)
Vihow MLN (Default theme)

Rank 8 Networkers

Rank 8 is the medieval Rank.

Name Theme
Jorn Knuse MLN (Default theme)
Manny Arms MLN (Default theme)
Miokoko MLN (Default theme)
Nadeem Knod MLN (Default theme)
Pall Wall MLN (Default theme)
Prince Pelle MLN (Default theme)
Princess Cynthia MLN (Default theme)
Siege Sunder MLN (Default theme)
Wallus Wizzard MLN (Default theme)

Rank 9 Networkers

Rank 9 is the intergalactic Rank.

Name Theme
Captain Lasse MLN (Default theme)
Commander Hobolt MLN (Default theme)
Lilly MLN (Default theme)
PAL MLN (Default theme)
Sagitaria MLN (Default theme)
Terpi MLN (Default theme)
The Reckling MLN (Default theme)

Rank 10 Networkers

Rank 10 allows you to befriend secret Networkers to make the Dreaming Beam Infuser Module.

Note: Many Rank 10 Networkers are secret and are listed in the secret Networker page instead.

Name Theme
Grok MLN (Default Theme)

BIONICLE Mini Rank Networkers

Name Theme

LEGO Universe Mini Rank Networkers

Name Theme
Professor Brickkeeper LEGO Universe
Capt Jack Knife LEGO Universe
Numb Chuck LEGO Universe
Friendly Felix LEGO Universe

The Robot Chronicles Mini Rank Networkers

Name Theme
Agent Chase LEGO Agents
Dr. Inferno LEGO Agents
Foreman Frank LEGO City
Mayor Frictionfit MLN(City)
Peelie Wheelie MLN (Racers)
Seymour Brickstein MLN (Default theme)

Other Networkers

Name Theme
Old Capt Joe City (Coast Guard)
Capt Reynolds Star Justice (LEGO Factory)
Bob Skull Space Skulls (LEGO Factory)
Jack Drill LEGO City
Max LEGO Club
Stanley Brick LEGO Games
Cheatcode MLN (Default Theme)
Extralife MLN (Default Theme)

Secret Networkers

Main article: Secret Networker

Some Networkers which do not appear in the friends list of public pages, are referred to as "Secret Networkers." As some people do not want them spoiled, they are hidden on the wiki with [hidden].

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