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Peelie Wheelie
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Rank Rank 1
Quote To a real road racer, whether or not your ride is import or domestic doesn't matter, it's how you build out your car that will win you the race.
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Peelie Wheelie is a Rank 1 Robot Chronicles themed Networker.

His MLN description reads:

Peelie Wheelie, like his brother Pedalman, lives to build and race cars. Early on, Peelie to a special interest in the sport of road racing. He has formed several closed road racing clubs around LEGO City.

Peelie Wheelie

Peelie Wheelie's Networker Pic Module.

Page Trades

Below are all of the objects the user can obtain from Peelie Wheelie's page:

Mail Trades

Below is a list of all of the objects the user can obtain in mail from Peelie Wheelie:

  • Racing Trophies when you complete a level in The Robot Chronicles Game.
  • Clippings when you complete a level in The Robot Chronicles Game.
  • Send Peelie Wheelie the "Gimme a Sticker! Please?" message to receive the Red Racer Sticker (MLN TRC Car).

Add Friend Message

Hey Dude! Thanks for the friend request and your interest in road racing. If you want to get some experience behind the wheel, keep playing the Rise of the Robots LEGO Racers game to earn Racers Trophies. With enough of them you can trade me for the Blueprint and build your own Racing Rookie Badge. See you at the starting line!

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