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Prehistoric Fern Module
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Rank of Introduction Rank 4
Description A large Prehistoric Fern which grows Green Bricks when fertilized with Yellow and Blue Bricks
Slots 1 Slot
How to Obtain Trade Jen Juniper 10 Yellow Bricks
Cost to Build 10 Yellow Bricks and 20 Blue Bricks
Stats Transforms 2 Yellow Bricks and 2 Blue Bricks into 1 Green Brick per day, plus 1 for every 5 clicks. Limit 15 Green Bricks per harvest
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The Prehistoric Fern Module is a one-slot Rank 4 Module used to grow Green LEGO Bricks. It requires two Yellow LEGO Bricks and two Blue LEGO Bricks to set up, and it grows one Green LEGO Brick a day, plus one for every five clicks. It has a harvest limit of fifteen Green Bricks. Generally speaking, the Prehestoric Fern Module is not recommended for growing Green Bricks, as there is a set up fee in addition to slow growth. However, assuming the user never receives Green Bricks from other resources (e.g. the Pet Panther Module or the Rocket Game Module) or Dino Scales, this Module is initially the only way to obtain them. After the user acquires a sufficient sum of Green Bricks, the Dino Bone Gallery Module is generally a more efficient choice.

How to obtain

Jen Juniper sells the Blueprint for this Module for ten Yellow LEGO Bricks on her page.

Required to build


The Blueprint

  • Ten Yellow LEGO Bricks
  • Twenty Blue LEGO Bricks


This Module may give the owner twice the amount of green bricks at harvest when clicked.


In Jen Juniper's Networker Text Module, she explains that she discovered a specimen in Peru that was once thought to be extinct.

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