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Quote ...Get going over to the LEGO Universe Creation Lab and start making your own creations! We've got a whole universe to build!
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Prof Brickkeeper is the LEGO Universe Spokesperson and a Rank 1 Networker. He was introduced to My LEGO Network to promote the LEGO Universe MMOG. LEGO Universe is now closed, but you can still befriend him.

His MLN description reads:

Professor Brickkeeper works deep within the subterranean archives of the capitol city of a distant LEGO planet (Professor is insisting we keep the name of this planet secret for the time being!). His job is to categorize and organize all of the wild creativity that flows through the metropolis's busy streets. Because there are so many LEGO creations in LEGO Universe, Professor Brickkeeper has become a bit manic trying to stay on top of things. Visitors to Brickkeeper's Creation Lab have often gotten lost in the piles of amazing LEGO creations, building reports, color charts, secret plans and the occasional half eaten sandwich that are stacked in wobbling piles to the ceiling.

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LEGO Universe Beta Signup

On February 11, 2010 Prof Brickkeeper sent mail, with a subject of LEGO Universe BETA Tester sign ups!, letting players know that LEGO Universe was accepting sign-ups to become a LEGO Universe Beta tester.

"Greetings, Earth Friend! YOU can sign up to become a LEGO Universe BETA Tester! HERE! Now!!* BETA Testing is one of the final development phases before the Live 1 Launch of LEGO Universe! It will bring together LEGO fans from all over the world to help power up the game's performance!! When should you sign up?! Let me check the data! Start with a limited number of LEGO Universe BETA Tester spots. Right. Figure that the BETA Tester selections are SOON. Mmm hmm...add in the massive fun factor and-- OH SNAP! SIGN UP NOW for the best chance at becoming a LEGO Universe BETA Tester!
Are you signing up?
  • Reply to this mail.
  • Play well."
*'HERE! Now!!' was linked directly to the LEGO Universe BETA sign up confirmation page

The 'Easy Reply' button allowed the user to reply to Prof Brickkeeper with either YES! I'm signing up to become a LEGO Universe BETA Tester! or No thanks

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