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Red LEGO Brick
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Rank Rank 0+
Obtain From Various Modules
Other Information Mainly used between Ranks 0 to 3 but used in every Rank.
XML ID 0000a9b9
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Red LEGO Bricks are the first type of Brick in My LEGO Network and are needed to construct Modules, Masterpieces, and Items. Each new user starts with 50 Red LEGO Bricks in their inventory and must then use Modules to get more. Although Red LEGO Bricks are mainly used from Rank 0 to Rank 3, the Red LEGO Brick is the most widely used Brick, and is useful in almost every Rank and Mini-Rank. Some users in MLN have a thousand, or more.

How to Obtain

General Public
LEGO Club Members
Beta Testers

Used For

The Red LEGO Brick is used for many things. Those things are:

Harvest Rates

  • For General Public (without clicks):
4 LEGO Tree Modules and 4 Factory Module, Rank 2 - 240 Red LEGO Bricks per day.
4 LEGO Club Magazine Module, Rank 1s and 4 Factory Module, Rank 2s - 260 Red LEGO Bricks per day.
4 Pet Glitch Module, Rank 1s and 4 Factory Module, Rank 2s - 280 Red LEGO Bricks per day
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