Dead Letter Postman

Dead Letter Postman

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A Secret Networker is a Networker that does not appear on the master My LEGO Network Networker list and like Networkers a Secret Networker is also an automated "member" on My LEGO Network that assists users. Secret Networkers also do not appear on a user's Friend List, unless the user is looking at his/her own friendlist. Secret Networkers also do not appear on another user's Friend List.

Some secret Networkers, like Bob Skull, are secret to ensure that visiting users will not know of ambush Modules. Others, like Rita Blisstow, are required to finish a Rank.


These secret Networkers can be discovered while earning mainstream Ranks. Many provide a Blueprint to a Module that can generate needed Items much quicker than the standard Modules. Most of these Networkers are found by carefully reading mail messages, Item descriptions, and Networker pages for clues on how to get regular Networkers to reveal a secret Networker's name.


These networkers are secret to keep the mini-rank hidden or to surprise the player with new information about the mini-rank as they progress.

Official Communication

This secret Networker sends warning messages to users who do something they should not.

Echo Prototypes

Main article: Echo Prototypes

A large number of the secret Networkers are Echo prototypes.


A few Networkers are unfinished, provide no Items or Modules, and generally do not interact with the user. Their existence is known only because they appear in the XML.

Formerly Secret

There are also a few Networkers that were originally secret during development and early stages but have since been added to the master Networker list.

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