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Speedy Motorcycle Masterpiece
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Rank Rank 4
Description Pop-a-wheelie
How to Obtain On Radia's page for a Victory Trophy
Cost to Build 80 Blue LEGO Bricks, 40 Yellow LEGO Bricks, 5 Victory Trophies, 1 Engine, 2 Tires, 1 Nitro
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The Speedy Motorcycle Masterpiece is the fourth Masterpiece in MLN. Users will get help to build it from Scrap Yard Joe, MacRacer, Pedalman Wheelie and Radia. Upon construction of this Masterpiece, users will become Rank 4.

How to Obtain

The Blueprint can be found on Radia's page for one Victory Trophy.

Required to Build


The Blueprint

New Friends

After you build this Masterpiece, you can befriend these six Networkers:

Crimson Apple | Royal Hive Queen | Giant's Hat | Speedy Motorcycle | Jeweled Triceratops | Craftsman's Cottage | Enchanting Harp | Brickota Totem Pole | Tower of Many Shields | Intergalactic Cruiser
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