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The Dinosaur Excavation Module
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Rank of Introduction Rank 4
Description An archaeological dig to find the Jeweled Triceratops
Slots 3 Slots
How to Obtain Trade Dr Kilroy 5 Green Bricks
Cost to Build 10 Green Bricks and 10 Yellow Bricks
Stats You'll discover the Jeweled Triceratops Masterpiece after 500 clicks to this Module. This Module may send out a Rough Diamond to a random friend on the Module owner's friendlist when clicked
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The The Dinosaur Excavation Module is a Rank 4 Module used to excavate the Jeweled Triceratops Masterpiece Blueprint. It awards the Masterpiece's Blueprint after 500 clicks, and takes up 3 Slots. When clicked, it also has a chance of sending out a Rough Diamond to a random person on the user's friendlist. Originally, the Masterpiece Blueprint was awarded after 200 clicks to this Module, but this was changed to 500.

The Module is often abbreviated TDEM or DEM. These names are entirely unofficial.

How to Obtain

The Blueprint can be obtained on Dr. Killroy's page for 5 Green LEGO Bricks.


  • This is the first module that requires a major amount of clicks (the Electric Dam Module required only 20) - It is part of the reason that Rank 4 takes so long.

Required to Build


The Blueprint

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