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The Reckling
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Rank Rank 10
Theme My LEGO Network
Quote !=10,QQ
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The Reckling is a Rank 10 Networker who befriends Rank 9 players and helps them achieve Rank 10. His MLN description reads:

The Reckling mysteriously appeared as a Billboard to Sagitaria while she was sending a conversation to Lilly some years ago. The Billboard contained a picture of a young man juggling pictures of water in Star Space Thousands of light years away. When she tried to compute the pictures she discovered that they were of an alien called Grok floating alongside a Space Cruiser. She knew The Reckling was something no one had encountered before: He only talks in pictures. She quickly summoned Lilly, PAL and Terpi and together they succeeded in inviting The Reckling to draw himself and Grok into the present.

As a consequence of The Reckling's communication only in pictures, all of The Reckling's mail messages use symbolic text. For example, if one attempts to befriend him when not Rank 9 or higher, he returns with the message "!=10,QQ" ("you aren't Rank 10; so sad." != is commonly used in programming languages to indicate inequality, and QQ is an emoticon representing two crying eyes.)

The reckling

The Reckling's Networker Pic Module.

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