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Trade Module
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Trade module
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Rank of Introduction All Ranks
Description Allows Users to Trade Mailable Items
Slots 2 Slots
How to Obtain Players own the Blueprint for this Module by default
Cost to Build 55 Red Bricks
Stats Must be Set Up after use to add more trade Items to your Module. To remove Items from your Module, use the Tear Down button on your Public Page
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The Trade Module is a Module used for trading mailable Items with other users. In the Module's settings, the user can choose what Item(s) they are willing to give away and what Item(s) they want. This Module is similar to the Networker Trade Module, which, in addition, can trade Blueprints and non-mailable Items. This Module requires you to set it up.

The Trade Module is currently considered the safest way to trade with other users, since the alternative, mail trading, is somewhat dangerous since there is no obligation to return the requested Item.

How to Obtain

This Module's Blueprint is in each user's inventory when they start My LEGO Network.

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Required to Build

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  • When a user types in a correct username in the "find" bar, in capitals or lower case, that will appear on the name section of the trade module.
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