I am no longer very active on the My LEGO Network Wiki. See my Brickipedia userpage.


Hello everyone! I am Ajraddatz, an administrator here as well as on Brickipedia. Because of this, I tend to get stuck with any jobs or forums involving both wikis, which is kinda fun... I guess...

I really enjoy undoing vandalism and blocking vandals, and if you ever see a vandal vandalize after it has gotten the last warning, just leave me a message and I'll give it a good kneecapping. You can also leave me a message if you need help with anything. If you are bored, please improve a random page. This is an encyclopedia, after all. Happy editing everyone!

I'm known as ajr38 in MLN, and I've completed Rank 10. I'm also part of MLNWiki's Official Store and used to own The Alpha Store.

I like Star Trek. If you look at my old signatures you will find a Star Trek mention.


Feel free to edit this page!

Bored? Think that something is missing on my userpage? Go ahead and edit it! This is a wiki that anyone can edit, so go ahead! Be bold. Please don't add any complex code here, or vandalism, but if you want to put in a little fact or something I have said, go right ahead. Maybe, even improve a random page afterwards ;)

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