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A few grey bricks into it
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18tanzc, Blite619, Bluehat8, Buddy-1, Isaias121, LegoGuy1870, LegoStefan24, Paperclip8707, SneakyBrick, Supersimon123, TimTam2724 and Tleap1
P.O.S and Agori Honor Badge, Rank 3 (Thanks to Lavalloveseris), LEGO Club (Thanks to Bluehat8), House Of Mantle
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Harry Potter (retired), Indiana Jones (retired) and Creator.
School, Films, Cricket, Australian Politics and Body Language.
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Justita et Fortitudo Invincibilia Sunt

Please Read

Friends of the Wikia, it's been a while since the demise of MLN and I kinda want to bring it back in some form or another. I'm not sure if this will ever happen with my busy "adult" life and pathetic programming "abilities". If I do, it'll likely be called MLN (My Lost Network).

So... I guess you could keep an eye out.

Anyway folks, I have nothing but the fondest of memories of all of you on the MLN Wiki. I hope we can preserve this little bit of childhood and most of all, I hope you all have fantastic and full lives.


Hello MLNer you have been viewing my page for If you can see this, it means you have not set the countdown or your Javascript settings correctly. so how about you check out My MLN Page , who knows, you may find something useful. 

Here are some MLN Wiki facts:

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  • 16 admins
  • There are 26,256,461 user all together

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Hugh-ZTalkMLN Page 10:01, January 14, 2013 (UTC)

About Me

Wow, coming back here makes me feel old. I've been away for a wee bit. *cough* A rather long time.

Well here goes: I'm Hugh-Z from MLN (the game hardly anyone plays anymore) and I've decided to collect some bricks and maybe finish MLN for once and for all. If you think you can help me out please say so on my message wall. No guarantees I'll actually get around to finishing MLN but you never, never know if you never, never try. (Note I wont be working on this everyday)

Is it me or has editing become harder?

Full Ranks

Rank 0:

  • Very easy, took about 10 minutes to learn to navigate around the MLN and find Networkers. Just read the mail networkers send you. MLN was really exciting in this rank and I wanted to start and finish rank 1 in the same day but I didn't have enough red bricks to start it that day because I brought another module.

Rank 1:

  • A little harder and I did need to save up for a few days to earn red bricks and honey pots. This rank is more complex and more time consuming because no one has flower modules.

Rank 2:

  • Took me a while because I didn't have any rank 2 friends with, windmills, heroic stories and treason beavers. I did find a few friends that had the modules I required and Bluepeso clicked my Millstone Hurling module in her MLN Help forum.

Rank 3:

  • The hardest and worst rank. I seemed to have the same problem that so many others had, nobody had stunt and race tracks set up and nobody would click your module. This rank took me forever but I went to another MLN Help forum and befriended LegoGuy1870 whom was stuck on rank 3 for more than one year. We clicked each others modules until we completed the rank about 2 months after I started.

Rank 4:

  • The first rank that requires users to collect items instead of building and buying them. LegoGuy1870 and I both clicked each others DEM's until each of us achieved the 500 click blueprint. I realized that to surpass this rank I need friends who had less friends. That way I would have more chance of earning gems. This rank took me about 3 months even with the help of a friend. I would probably rate rank as the 4th worst rank.

Rank 5:

  • Once again was required to click for your items. The hardest object to earn was the loose sparks. I didn't know how to earn them until I had the pipes and gypsums already. Unfortunately LegoGuy1870 had since gone in-active and was no-longer there to help me pass ranks. I pretty much went online everyday to give clicks and earn pipes and gypsums. In the end I would rate rank 5 as the 3rd worst rank because it took me about 5 months to complete.

Rank 6:

  • Easy, Isaias121 set up he's trio performance module for me and I earned my first few hit singles. Considering the amount of hit singles and clicks required for this rank it took me a considerably long time in comparison to other users. I only had a one other rank 6 users as a friend which made this rank rather lengthy. This rank was a real breeze after the two previous ranks. By far the easiest rank since rank 2.

Rank 7:

  • So much messing around, clicks and finding animal parts for ridiculous prices. I thought that if I was going to complete this rank I would do it the long way, and by doing it the long I didn't run out of elementals and green bricks. Though I never seemed to have many elemental earths. 700 worth of clicks on my totemic animals made this rank just a horrible and time consuming as rank 3. I would rate rank 7 the 2nd worst rank but the most messing about and red brick costly rank.

Rank 8:

  • So far this rank is slow and almost if not more costly as rank 7. All those shields and totemic animals have made my rather small stocks of green bricks reach null. Already I regret joining the house of mantles because everyone else has joined the mantles.

I started this rank around January 15, 2013 and to the second of September the same year I have not been able to complete this. It is such a long rank even when I did collect all the totemics. My lack of time spent on MLN has caused this rank to become the worst. I hear rank nine is hard, but I really cannot wait for that eight to become a nine. Finished on the first day of October 2013.

Rank 9:

  • Since rank eight I have neglected MLN causing me become in-active. I have recently picked up this again but haven't yet figured out where I was. I've decided to collect bricks for the time being until I have what looks like enough to get back into it.

Rank 10:

  • Soon to be summarized.

Mini Ranks

Agori Honor Badge, Rank 2:

  • Easy until that spear part came up and you needed to visit a site every 6 hours or something like that. I think I ended up having 400 thornax by the time I left the badge at rank 2.


  • Very easy, just followed the walkthrough and finished it straight away, glad I took a long time on rank 4 because it gave me loads of orange bricks

LEGO Club:

  • I only just received this badge because it costs money for the LEGO Club magazine to be sent to Australia. It is very handy and has helped me even for the short time I've owned it.


Question? Is there a way to curve userbox corners and thicken the borders?


Here is a list of things I can help you with on MLN. If you need any of these things done just add a topic on my talk page and I'll help you out.

  • Anything rank 0-1
  • Treason beaver clicks, windmill modules, millstone hurls, and heroic stories.
  • Clicks on stunt and race modules.
  • All tracks from stunt 1 to stunt 3.
  • I can set up 11 stunt track rank 3's.
  • DEM clicks
  • I may be able to help you with; gems, pipes and gypsums.
  • Hit singles from my trio module.
  • Totemic animals, depending on my green brick stocks. 


  • 419 grey bricks
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