aka What's your name? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • I live in on a spinning rock.
  • My occupation is Studying
  • I am Two-Spirit Gender Nonconforming Transgender-Male Attack Helicoptor

I have 8,811 edits! User:Joeman200/page/me

I also edit on some other wikis: links coming soonAir Hogs Wiki, Nerf Wiki, and a few others I'm inactive on.
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Here is my comments on MLN Ranks:

The Ranks

Rank 0

was very easy, I did not go fast to rank one though because I had to get and Idea of what MLN was like. I liked the club pages better (I had 10 black stares)and now I was zero and there are people with weird mods. and rank 10

Rank 1

so I tried and soon found out that MLN (even If I was just rank 1) was better. I liked rank 1 it was easy but I had to do stuff (not like rank 0)

Rank 2

I got past rank 1 I'm so happy to make new friends but the theme was misplaced as I should say and did not have a real fun time until

Rank 3

I got to Rank 3 this was and my favorite It was easy but with some chance and I enjoyed it. I beat it and moved on to

Rank 4

were I got eaten by a T-Rex and died.... Ok it was harder but fun little did I know it would not last

Rank 5

knowing that each rank got harder I prepared myself even though it was hard (I had friends when I was rank 3 that were rank 5 and still are to this day!) but I did LOTS of block click deals.

Rank 6

after rank 5 taking me months I expected the worst for rank 6 BUT to my surprise It was soooo fun and It took me only 4 days to complete (Tip rank 5 let me stock up on bricks)

Rank 7

was hard for me MAN I needed 1 of each animal DUDE!

Rank 8

so then I go to rank 8 were I'm now and I need how many animals?!?!?!?!?

Rank 9

coming soon (I hope)


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