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Wallus Wizzard
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Rank Rank 9
Theme My LEGO Network
Quote ...the Prince and Princess must stand
together once more. Send me a House of
Gauntlets or House of Mantles Victory Banner and we can begin to mend
this conflict!
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Wallus Wizzard is a Rank 9 Networker which both House of Mantles members and House of Gauntlets members can befriend. He helps Rank 8 users in reaching Rank 9. His MLN description reads:

"Wallus Wizzard lives on the middle of the Lake of Houses that sits between the House of Mantles and the House of Gauntlets. He has been loyal to both houses since the King granted the sovereignties to Prince Pelle and Princess Cynthia. He is hearing rumors of the two bickering over whom will take the throne. He is resolved to end the conflict lest there be an unfortunate battle."

Wallus Wizzard's Networker Pic Module.

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Mail Trades


Mail Wallus Wizzard a Hypnotic Frequency Machine and he will reveal his true identity: You've forced my hand with this magical device. I must now tell you the truth, though it pains me greatly to confess it. This terrible battle between Pelle and Cynthia is all my fault. For you see, I am their father. Yes, I am the rightful King. The real Wallus Wizzard made me a bet that if left to my heirs, my Kingdom would collapse. Of course, for both my own honor and the honor of my family name I accepted his bet, believing that my son and daughter could easily run things. But, alas, they have taken up arms against each other. I am cursed by Wallus to serve, in magically sealed silence, in his place as court wizard - until they can work out who among them is the true heir to the throne. I just hope there is still a kingdom around by then... along with 1 Fairy Dust.

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