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Worker Bee
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Rank of Introduction Rank 1
Description Basic Bee - Ready to pollenate or battle!
Use Making Hives, building the Royal Hive Queen Masterpiece, trading, and clicking and setting up a Bee Battle Module, Rank 1.
How to Obtain Obtain from Bee Keeper Bill for 2 Mason Jars
Cost to Build 4 Red Bricks
Mailable? Yes
Blueprint? Yes
XML ID 0000aa3c
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The Worker Bee is a mailable Rank 1 Item used several times, both to build the Royal Hive Queen Masterpiece and to reach Rank 2.

How to Obtain

Trade two Mason Jars on Bee Keeper Bill's page for the Blueprint of this Item.

Required to Build


The Blueprint



  • This Item is the most basic type of bee in MLN. They are the first in a series of bees which includes other bees, the Better Bee, the Best Bee, the Drone Bee, and the Pollenated Bee.
  • The Blueprint for this Item states that the player only needs one Blueprint to make as many Worker Bees as necessary. This was most likely done to remind users to not buy the same Blueprint multiple times, as it is the first Blueprint received from a Networker Trade Module.
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